DHT11 Arduino Weather Station

DHT11 Arduino Weather Station

In this Arduino project, I have explained how to make a simple weather station using DHT11 Arduino Nano to measure room temperature and humidity and display the reading on an OLED display.

DHT11 Arduino Weather Station

Here the Arduino Nano will measure and populate the LIVE room temperature and humidity reading on the display after every second. So the reading will be refreshed after every second.

Required Components

Required Components
  • Arduino Nano/ Arduino UNO
  • DHT11 sensor
  • OLED Display (128 X 32)
  • Jumper wires
  • Breadboard

Circuit of the DHT11 Arduino project

Circuit of the DHT11 Arduino

The circuit is very simple. The D2 pin is connected with the output pin of the DHT11 sensor.

And the A4 and A5 pins are connected with the SDA and SCL pins of OLED.

I have used 5V DC supply.

Tutorial Video for the Arduino DHT11 Weather Station

This tutorial video shows all the steps to make the weather station.

Program Arduino Nano

First install all the libraries required in the Arduino IDE for this project.